Chimney and Flue Guide

Understanding Chimney or Flue Types - There's nothing more frustrating than setting your heart on a new fireplace or stove only to discover that its not actually suitable for your home.

To help you understand which fires and stoves are suitable for your home Regency have prepared information to help you classify your chimney - outlined below.

Alternately call in to the Regency Showroom and the staff will be pleased to offer their expert guidance or get in touch requesting a free quote, which will cover your chimney and suitability for fireplace types.

Brick Built Chimney (class 1)

The classic brick built chimney is suitable for all fires and stoves. As these chimneys are deep you can choose a full depth fire through to the shallower slimline product.

Pre-Fabricated Chimney (class 2)

Pre-fabricated chimneys are suitable for most fires and gas stoves. Pre-fabricated chimneys offer a good depth so you can choose from the majority of full depth fires and all slimline fires.

Pre-Cast Chimney (class 2 pre cast)

Pre-cast chimneys are found in most modern homes and suitable for a wide range of slimline fires and electric stoves. Full depth fires can also be used with pre-cast flues with the aid of a spacer kit.

No Chimney or Flue

Suitable for gas and electric fires, Regency have a wide range of gas and electric fires perfect for flueless chimneys.



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